Floating Home Financing Options Good On This Owned Dock

Seattle Houseboat Financing Options On This Dock Are Impressive!

Because this Seattle floating home dock happens to be an owned dock, there are some great houseboat financing options out right now!  Floating homes typically have higher mortgage rates and shorter lengths than traditional mortgages, but I called around last week and got a handful of mortgage rates for Seattle floating homes – ranging from low 5% all the way up to 10.99% – of course depending on which bank or credit union you decide to go with and also your own personal credit and situation.

Besides adding a dive inspection to the required lender items and having to come up with a minimum of 25% down payment which is higher than a typical land home mortgage, a floating homes mortgage is otherwise very similar. The lender will need to see a copy of the bylaws for the dock in which you are purchasing and any other pertinent info specific to the floating home you choose, but other than that it is pretty straight forward.

Email me if you would like a recommendation for a floating home financing lender. courtney@seattleafloat.com